About the Fund

The Norwin ‘Play It Forward’ Fund was created to assist motivated Norwin Band students in grades 5 through 12 with subsidies for private music lessons and summer music camp experiences to take the Norwin Band’s recognized performance excellence to the next level, constantly raising the bar and setting the standard.  The fund has now expanded to serve students in the school district’s Orchestra program as well.

While all students in the band or orchestra programs in grades 5 through 12 are eligible to apply for funds, preference will be given to those students with financial need, and that have made a commitment to participating in the Norwin Band and/or Orchestra. The goal for students who benefit is to ultimately ‘play it forward’ in the future – either financially or in giving of their time and talent – to help other band and orchestra students. With enhanced musical education experiences, it is the hope of the Norwin Play It Forward Fund that the historically successful music programs of the Norwin School District will continue to grow and flourish, as well as allow students to reap the benefits of academic achievement, a commitment to discipline and the rewards of teamwork and collaboration that come from participating in music programs.

Funds raised are to be spent for two major educational purposes:

  • Subsidies for private music lessons for motivated, eligible and qualified students
  • Subsidies for attendance and participation at summer music camps

Parents wishing to apply for funds should visit the “Applications” link in the navigation bar and choose the appropriate application from the drop-down menu on the Home page

Call (724) 515-4858 for more details about the Norwin Play It Forward Fund’s event sponsorship opportunities!