With Music by Good Guys, Wine from Greenhouse Winery, and Beer from Quinn Brewing Company and New Crescent Brewing Company in Irwin, we’re hoping you’ll be bringing your friends to celebrate and remember this November 20th at The Kitchen by Vangura.

The fund would also appreciate hearing from those businesses who have historically sponsored our events as well as those who would be interested in doing so for the first time.  We know this year’s been a difficult one, so we’re offering the potential of a modified “BOGO” contribution.  In other words, while full-on contributions of prizes and food are truly appreciated, let’s talk about picking up the cost of half of what your contribution would usually be if it’s of a substantial nature.  Please give a call to 724.972.2305 for more details!

You’ll also be able to order tickets to the event via a link at the bottom of this site once we know capacity.  We hope to see you there!